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Insurance needs vary from client to client but getting all of your needs in one place is something that many of our clients benefit from. At Ramsgate Direct, we offer policies that are residential and commercial. Also, we know what the state of Florida mandates, offering the state required to full coverage options.

So, What Is Required?

Anyone residing in the state of Florida and owns a vehicle is required to carry minimum auto insurance. A minimum of $10,000 is required for personal injury coverage, coverage of property damage, and bodily injury. However, our auto insurance policies can be expanded to offer full coverage options.

While the Florida government does not mandate home insurance, banking institutions and mortgage lenders do require it for the life of the loan. Our home insurance policies meet their coverage requirement options so that you have the protection you need. With a quick visit to our website, you can get a personalized quote through our online rating tool available.

Florida Business Owners Also Have Options

Commercial insurance can be as diverse as necessary to meet the needs of your business. If you have more than one employee, the state of Florida will require you to carry worker's compensation insurance to protect employees hurt on the job, and commercial auto insurance if it applies to your services. You can also expand your commercial insurance to protect commercial property, income, and liability protection.

Additional Options

If you are looking to make an investment into your personal health, our health insurance policy will cover your medical and preventative health needs for you or at a family rate. Also, you can supplement your home or commercial insurance with flood insurance, something many Floridians in Lake Wales, FL and across the state consider to be essential.

We Are Open And Here For You

At Ramsgate Direct, our agents can answer any questions you have regarding any of the above policies. We proudly serve the Lake Wales, FL area and surrounding communities. Please give us a call today and get the insurance you need.

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