Health Insurance

Taking control of your personal health and being health conscious is a growing trend. Most of those residing in or around Lake Wales, FL look for the best options to protect themselves even if they do not have access to health insurance through an employer. At Ramsgate Direct we offer health insurance to our clients so that they can be proactive and make the most of their health..

Access To Vaccinations

Most residents that do not participate in health insurance are often the same residents who opt out of getting annual vaccinations or recommended vaccinations for health prevention. With health insurance, these vaccines become more available and can also be more appealing.

Check-Ups & Visits

Regular doctor visits and check-ups are also not a part of someone's medical history with health insurance. In order to establish a solid medical history for your healthcare providers now and in the future, maintaining these check-ups are a big part of that. With health insurance, these visits become much more affordable and a part of your annual health. During these visits and check-ups, you could be allowed the annual lab work and specific services that are preventative in nature and covered by your policy.

Financial Benefit

While it sounds like spending money isn't saving money, it actually can save help you save money. While you are spending money annually on a health care policy, you will receive a tax credit that comes in handy during tax season. For many of our clients, they are business owners or sole proprietors, which is an even better incentive to pursue health insurance, even beyond the obvious health benefits.

Take A Chance With Health Insurance Today

Our agents at Ramsgate Direct want to hear from you. Let us get a policy that helps you achieve your personal health needs and keep you healthy in the years to come. Come by our office or give us a call today for more information.

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