Home Insurance

While the state of Florida may not mandate home insurance for residents, banking institutions and private mortgage lenders make it a requirement for home loans. Even homeowners who live in Florida and other states who own their home see the benefits of carrying a home insurance policy. Whether you need to meet mortgage requirements, maintain financial protection, or both, a home insurance policy from Ramsgate Direct is ready to assist.

Why Carry Home Insurance?

The financial protection that home insurance includes for homeowners is extensive, especially in times of tragedy and unexpected events. The types of accidents that happen with home insurance claims each year vary from theft, accidents, or neglect that results in liability cases.

Burglary and Theft

Unfortunately, crime happens in all states, including Florida. While the Lake Wales, FL area is one of the lower risk areas for crime, there is still potential for it to happen and you could be next. Not only do you need to have stolen property replaced, but your home is often damaged to some capacity during one of these tragedies.

Accidental Fire and Natural Disaster

Whether it is a natural disaster that damages your home unexpectedly or accidental fire, your personal property could be damaged beyond repair. Also, the home and maybe even other structures on the home will need to be repaired.

Liable Accidents

Unfortunately, there are some accidents that happen where guests are harmed on your property. Even if you own your own home, home insurance will cover you if a pet attacks someone on your property or a family member has guests over who are hurt during their stay. With home insurance, any services you are required to cover can be claimed and covered with your policy.

Sleep Peacefully Tonight

If you do not currently carry home insurance or would like to update your policy, give our agents at Ramsgate Direct a call today for more information.

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