Flood Insurance

One of the greatest states to call home in Florida. There is water surrounding the state on both sides and lots of fresh water in areas such as Lake Wales, FL. With all this water around, however, one of the best ways to prepare and keep yourself financially afloat is with flood insurance. At Ramsgate Insurance Inc. we offer this policy to all our clients, whether they live in an established flood zone.

Hurricane Protection

Being on the coast, the state of Florida has been a victim of its share of hurricanes. Whether they make landfall on the Atlantic Coast or in the panhandle from the Gulf, hurricanes are a part of life in Florida. With the blend of wind and rain, they have the potential to travel hundreds of miles in any direction and wreak havoc on those in its way. Damage from hurricane waters is not covered in a homeowner's insurance policy, but flood insurance will be there to assist financially.

Flash Flooding

The last decade allowed Florida to witness record flooding, even in areas that are not designated flood zones. For those who suffer from flash flooding, home insurance, again, will not cover any damage to the home or other structures on the property. This is another event where flash flooding is essential.

All Structures Are Covered

When flooding happens to a property, most cases have all structures on the property suffer some form of damage. With flood insurance, all structures listed on your policy are covered for damage recovery. Attempting to cover structure remodeling in the foundation without flood insurance can be financially exhausting. Include any sheds, garages, and fences to your policy.

Get Water Protection Today

Have your home covered from water damage when you add flood insurance to your home insurance policy. If you live in Florida or any other state, join those who have taken this precaution when you call our team at Ramsgate Insurance Inc. today.

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